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a newbie and an x-post

This is a dream I had a month or two ago that I will never forget. I dont think I can stress to anyone enough how fucking vivid this dream was....and how it could possibly be connected to the history of my house/property (I've tried getting records on it before but had no luck -_-)

The first dream i found very odd took place in like the 20's er 30's. I was watching this teenage girl with short wavy brown hair act in plays...she loved to act in plays. She wore masks that would be used in Europe during the victorian times...the typical white face and black pouty lips. Eye was just sitting in the theater watching her recite and dance. The next thing i knew i was in someones house...and people were walking in and out of this certain room...I walked into the room and saw that teenage girl...she hung herself. Her face was bloated and blue with scratched on it...or some sort of lines...and she used her father's red tie and stapled it to the ceiling. The staples were so vivid...and there was a point in the dream where i was just staring at the staples as they were glistening in the light. The girl was wearing a white long-sleeved nightgown with ruffles at the sleeve and at the end of the gown. The next thing eye knew i was in a little girl's room...she was solem...but not crying. It was the teenage girls little sister. She looked at me and said: "I've been waiting for you to come..." She had candles lit by her bed...the sheets were red like the tie. Eye looked at her and started crying and said to her: "Everytime eye come in here...it just repeats over and over and over and i have to see it all the time..." The scene with the findings of the dead body and the little sister kind of repeated. Then a little boy(little brother) showed up...he was the most adorable thing. Then all of the sudden i was in the car with them...and our uncle was driving us somewhere. Eye first started out sitting in the front seat...he looked upset but was trying to keep the children happy and giggling...and he had pickles on his face and we would laugh and pick them off his mouth. He stopped the car in this field of grass...and the children laughed and got out of the car...and they started running into the field...and eye just happen to all of the sudden be getting out of the back seat. Our uncle grabbed my arm and looked me into the eyes as he said: "Please...take care of them for me." and the dream ended. Throughout the dream my role changed from being the care taker of the children...to their cousin. The dream left me with such an erie feeling.


=\ I'm always open for thoughts, opinions and reactions.


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