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I had a dream someone beat the bloody hell out of me. I'm just sitting in my living room, minding my own business, and heard a noise. I decided to ignore it, passing it off as just another one of those fits of paranoia.
But this time, I should've checked the lock on my back door. This guy came in, and apparently knew me. But I couldn't remember him. This upsetted him, and in return, he straddled me on the floor and proceeded in punching the shit out of me. I ended up with a face and body, bloody as hell. The horrible part, was that it was another one of those dreams where I know I died shortly after, but I got to see what happened when people found out. My mom was apparently at work, and my friend Emma was downstairs taking a shower. I heard her when she came upstairs, and she screamed and dropped to the ground. For a good ten minutes, she was throwing up, and then called the police, still unable to regain her composure(sp?).
I don't know. These nightmares are getting worse and worse as time goes by, and everytime I feel sleepy, I feel I should start taking stay-awake pills or something.

Shit. I don't know anymore.

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that's unerving. I'm never taking a shower at your house... if I do.. I'm locking the doors before hand.