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Super gory dream

Recently I had a very odd nightmare. I've been having bad nightmares since I was about 8 or 9- I had feverdreams at that age which... hmm, subtley put, affected me in a bad way.
Here's my most recent then-

I was looking at a TV screen, and there was a woman talking about... someone dying or something. She said about how the woman had some kind of unnamed disease where she rotted alive, and didn't die for 6 years, so she was pretty decayed. Then they showed a picture of her.
It went on to say about how her daughter tried to find cures, and it gets kinda fuzzy there.
Next thing I remember, I'm underwater, or looking into a water tank of some kind. There's the woman in there, only less rotten than I saw on the TV. I press myself closer to the glass to see better. There's an eel or something around her neck, looks like she's spasming something awful, and there's some guy who looks as if he's trying to rape her. I reel back from the tank, and end up facing another one.
There's kids in it. Little kids. All rotting too, and one of them is throwing up, and because he's underwater it fans out in a cloud- it's full of blood, and what looks like parts of his digestive system. I press myself up against the glass again, looking closer, forcing myself to watch. The other kids are crying- for some reason I can still hear them when they're underwater and there's no bubbles or anything coming out of their mouths. One of them's crying and blood and guts and stuff start coming out of his mouth too.
I laugh.

Then I woke up. I couldn't get back to sleep again for a while... this sounds really, really fucking dumb, but I kept thinking that the rotting woman was in the room with me, like... next to me. Breathing on me.
I'm fucked up.
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