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I have a couple of nightmares I'm wondering about...


the most resent dream -

I had a dream about going into a Huge house when it's pitch black outside with a couple of friends of mine. We kept hearing noises up so we followed the sound to the top floor and it brought us to a bathroom. The whole room including the bathroom was tinted blood red. Then a black figure dropped down from the ceiling and hit my friend Heather in the head with a metal pole and she landing in the bathtub. He kept hitting her over and over again. Blood was splattered all over the walls, filling the bathtub, and blood kept pouring out of her mouth. Finally she sunk down into the bathtub and the figure turned to look at us. My friends and I took off running. Then I woke up.

2nd dream -

My family and I were in a car driving to a gas station and while we were filling the car up just up the hill there was a car crash. A blue car came tumbling down the hill and when it landed it quickly took off like nothing had happened. I paniced and jumped out of the car and went running up the hill. There were two cars in the middle of the road smoking and all banged up. The drivers of the cars were laying near their cars face down on the pavement with big pieces of metal in their backs. There was blood every where. I looked down at my feet and saw blood running down past me and on down the hill. I slowly walked back down the hill following the blood and it started to pool at the bottem of hill. We went into the gas station and there were rooms there. I went to one to wash my hands and when I went into the bathroom it was a yellow tinted room. I turned on the water to wash my hands and soon the water ran red. It was blood. I quickly turned off the water and ran out of the room and told the owner. He didn't believe me so he turned on the water and again it ran red. I told him he needed to close the station down. We talked for a while about it and he ended up closing up and leaving. Then my friend called my cellphone which caused me to wake up. Later that night I found out that my friend Rene got in a car crash.

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